Economical Tile Adhesive (ETA) LT-11


  • It is Polymer modified multipurpose Pre-packed tile adhesive for multipurpose application. ETA self curing and having excellent waterproofing properties. It is specially made for Interior flooring of Ceramichles, Vitrified Tiles on PlasterWork concrete etc.

SurfAce Treatment

  • Surface must be properly clean, away from grease. oil and dust. Surface must be sufficient flat to permit the specified flatness of finished tiling. Not recommended to use on metal, wood, paint and fully glazed backgrounds. (For any requirement please contact company's technical Department.)


  • Highly cost effective.
  • Easy to work for various application.
  • Ideal for any cementitious surface to fix new ceramic, vitrified and cementitious tiles.
  • Improve strength & gives Strong and durable bonding with surface.
  • Self curing properties.
  • Economical & reliable (E-corel formulation).

Recommended Application

  • After mixing spread the adhesive paste on the background immediately. Spread only adhesive mix that can be fixed within 20 minutes.
  • Push tile flrrnly on the background ensuring the good contact is maintained with the back of each tile.
  • Lion Power admixture may be used in conjunction with ETAto import flexibility, enhance adhesion and durability and reduce water permeability. Allow adhesive to dry before grouting. Always use notched trowel for high performing results.

Technical Specifications

  • Colour : Gray
  • Base : Polymer modified Cementitious
  • Mixing ratio. : 1 :3 or1 :3 .5
  • Bed thickness: 4 to 5 mm
  • Coverage : 2 to 2.5 Sq. Feet/1 Kg
  • Application : Use notched trowel
  • Settingtime : 14to16Hours
  • Temp : 25°cto 100° c
  • Safety : Protect from damp


  • 20 kg bag

Self Life

  • Factory sealed bag of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for Nine (9) Months* if stored off the ground in a dry area.

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