Lion Cool Coat

Product Specification

  • Lion Cool Coat is acrylic based waterproofing compound & bonding agents.


  • Excellent adhesion to cementitious subtracts.
  • Work as an affective bonding agent by facilitating more open time.
  • Suitable for internal & external application.
  • Can modified mortar& concrete forspecifies requirements in repairs.


  • Dam & ReservoirTank.
  • Water resistant renders or plasters.
  • Useful as an additive for making repair
  • mortars & concretes.

Technical Specification

  • Color : White liquid Base : Acrylic Latex Polymer


  • 75-85 sq.ftl kg on concrete I plaster surface as a new coat. 30sq.ft per coat on a brick masonry surface (mixed with cement)


  • 1kg,4kg, 10kg, 20 kg.

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