Lion Epoxy Flooring


  • Lion Epoxy Flooring is a three Component epoxy system Formulated using 100% solvent free BisphenolAalong with Epoxy Hardener in orderto provide self—leveling High -Gloss Epoxy Toppings with very Low VOC

Surface Treatment

  • Coatings Floors in all industries such as automobile. Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Tool Rooms. Machine Shops, Food and Chemical Manufacturing units etc. Special grade Epoxy especially to suit transformer industry where high loads are moved on air castors.


  • Primer : Apply Lion Prime Coat on dry surface @ 150 grams Isq meter approximately and do not mix it


  • with any filler. In case of damp or under prepared or old surface use Lion Prime Coat.
    Usage Instructions : Open the resin can and mix it with pigment. Use 300 Grams of pigment in case of dark shades or up to 350 grams in case of very light shades. Mix the pigment and Resin for few minutes and add filler slowly and mix until a thick free flow solution is made. Add Hardener and mix for 2-3 minutes. Apply using Notch Trowel of required size and finish using spike rollers. Application Thickness 1-2mm.

Drying CharActeristics

  • Drying Time : 12 Hours after application. Walk dry 24 Hours. Full Load minimum 48-60 Hours @ 30 degree Celsius.

Storage Instructions

  • Material may be stored in cool & Dry conditions.

Technical Specifications

  • Property Values
    Compressive Strength (psi) 6500-7000
    Tensile strength (psi) 2000-2200
    Flexural Strength (psi) 4000 4Kg

Mixing ratio

  • Resin with 2 Kg hardener and 8 kg filler, pigment 300 grams per kit add 50 grams extra for light shades for 1 mm. For2mm, 4 kg resin with 2kg hardenerand 10 kg fillerfor 2mm (pigmented 2mm)


  • AllColourtech Shades Pot Life@ 30 Deg Celsius 45 minutes

Shelf Life

  • 6 Months.

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