Lion Heat Guard


  • Lion Heat Guard is a heat reducing cum waterproofing coating composed of acrylic polymer, microspheres, property selected & graded Inert fillers, light fast & weather durable white pigment, additives & water as medium. It is used as heat insulating coating on building rooftops & exterior walls because it help in reducing power consumption substantially by reducing the load on air—conditions and keeps the interiors cool with additional function of waterproofing.


  • Reduces the conductivity of heat from exterior to interior, thus lowers the temperature.
  • Water based with high impermeability. 0 Can be tinted with a water based stainer.
  • UV and IR resistant.
  • Possesses anti-fungal & anti-algue properties.
  • Aesthetic appeal & protection against water. 0 Non-loxic water based system
  • Reduction in electrical consumption for air— conditioner, save energy coast


  • Terraces and rooftops of building-cemenlitious, asbestos & metal surface
  • Exterior walls of buildings.
  • Cold shortages, computer server rooms. electrical control panel rooms, etc
  • Metal & concrete storage tanks for water, chemicals and fuel in petrochemical industry

Application Guidelines

  • Surface Preparation : The surface should be clean from any loose dust particles, grease or any old Raking paints. Any growth of fungus or algae has to be removed by wire brush followed by water cleaning.
  • All surface cracks up to 5mm width should be filled with crack seal. Crack more than 5mm and all separation gaps should be filled. up with Lion Premium SBR Latex modified mortaroras specified.

Recommended application

  • Primer : 1stcoator primer(Lion Prime Coat)
  • Finish : Apply3 coats of Lion HeatGuard

Lion HeatGuard Dilution

  • Apply first coat of Lion Heat Guard 5% dilution with potable water.
  • Apply 2 coats of Heat shield without any dilution by brush or roller at an interval of 5-6 hrs.

Technical Specification

  • Nature : Single component
  • Appearance : White
  • Elongation : >150 %
  • Re coating Period : 5-6 hours ( at 30°C)
  • Coating thickness : 110-120 mic. DFT for2 coats


  • By brush, roller & spray.

Shelf Life & Storage

  • Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Store in shed, protecting from direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature.In extremely hottemperature condition, store in a temperature controlled environment(l.e. Less than 30°C)


  • 20 to 25 sq. Feet in two coals. (Coverage may vary depending upon the texture and porosity of the surface.)


  • 1kg,4kg,10kg,20kg

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