Lion L78


  • LION-L78 has excellent water reduction & Slump Retantion performance and good flow-ability. It is designed as 40%solid contents for the economical transportation cost saving.

Areas of Applications

  • Concrete Admixture water Reduction & Slump Retantion.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent water reduction by powerful disper-singeffect
  • Excellent fluidity
  • Low stickiness concrete
  • Neutral weak acidic value without crystallization under cold temperature
  • Most cost-effective
  • Self-compacting (High fluidity) concrete plicable for Pre-cast concrete
  • Higher durability from improved strength
  • High compressive strength by low WIC ratio

Method of Application

  • LION-L78 has a recommended
  • Dosage range of 0.3-1.0Iitres/100kgsof binders on a basis of undiluted solution.
  • It is well-soluble in water and were commend to diluteitas your application.
  • The optimum dosage of LION-L78 maydepend on specific requirements of concrete properties and materials. So it is determined by trials using the materials and conditions.


  • LION-L78 is compatible with all of PCE products. To achieve either higher water reduction & slump Retantion or longer retention, you may blend with other PCE which has its specific properties.
  • LION-L78 is compatible with Ligno base plasticizer.
  • Do not use blending with NSFC base super plasticizer.

Technical Data

  • Physical Properties of Lion - 78
  • Appearance Light brown liquid
    Adour Charactristic
    Total Solid Contents, % 40%(W/W), Aprox pH (undiluted) 4.5-5.0
    Specific Gravity 1.11(25’C) Viscosity, Brookfield Viscometer, Cps 600 (25’C)


  • 230 kg Drum

Precaution & Limitation

  • LION-L78 contains no hazardous materials and is completely transport class free. However, it is recommended to use standard handling procedures with the product. We argloves and eye protection and wash splashes to the skin with soap and water at the end of shift sorat breaks. For further information consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product

Shelf Life & Storage

  • Factory sealed drum of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for one (1) year* if stored off the ground in a dry area. *High humidity will reduce the shelf life of drumed product.

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  • Lion brings the widest range of Construction Material & Chemical.

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