Lion Power Bond


  • Lion Power Bond ls available in (two par) Resin and Hardenerwith formulated mixing ration to obtain High bond with various construction related products l.e. metal, ceramic, stone, wood etc.

Application For

  • Various construction range products like ceramic, vitrified tiles, natural stone, metal, wood, vulcanized rubber, plastic and concrete surfaces.


  • Multi Purpose
  • Good resistance to static & dynamic loads
  • Long Open Time
  • High shear and bond strength
  • Electric insulating
  • Easyto apply

Recommended Application

  • Surface Must be treated and must be dry before application Joint surfaces should be Cleaned with a good degreasing agent such as acetone iso—poplin for plastics, or any mechanical treatment to remove grease oil colour and dust Recommended layer is 0.05 to 0.10 mm for great lap shear strength to ajointAssemble the joint component immediately after application and till get proper cured Curing time at room temperature is approx 25° C is 7 To 12 Hours, it may decrease as temperature increased.


  • Avoid Contact with eyes or skin. In case of eye contact, wash with water and incase of skin contact call physician immediately.


  • 900 gm &1.8 kg


  • Store room temperature 20 to 25°C in factory sealed container.

Shelf Life

  • 2 Years if stored in factory sealed container.

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