Lion Salt Guard


  • Excellent alkali&efflorescence resistances.
  • Physicalbarriertowatertransport.
  • Excellent substrate penetration & top-coat adhesion.
  • Chemical barrierto salt migration.


  • Long-life high-class appearance oftopcoat.
  • Less topcoat & re-painting required.
  • Idealforhigh-alkalineconcrete.
  • Prevention oftop coatdefects.


  • Salt Guard 2020 is a specially Salt Based coating which acts as an anti-efflorescence coating and prevents the growth of ant—micro able bacteria and saltformation on the wall.

Application Area

  • To be applied overconcrete, plastered or brick, masonry surfaces.

Typical Characteristics

  • Nature : Single component,liquid
  • Color : Yellow
  • SpecifiCGravityat30°C : 1.03:0.03
  • Inter-coatinterval : 4t06Hrs
  • Dilution : No Dilution
  • Coverage : 70-80sq.ft.per2 coats/ltr.
  • DFT : 100p

Directions For Use

  • Clean the surface with Salt Guard 2020 (separately available) brush and ensure no loose particle remains on the substrate. On the Clean and dry substrate apply itwith the help of a brush.Application is to be done till saturation level is achieved. Allow it to dry for 1-2 Hrs. then apply second coat and after 24 hrs apply top coating.

Cleaning of Tools And Equipment

  • Tools and equipment can be easily cleaned with water. If dries, it should be scrapped off.

StorageAnd Shelf Life

  • In order to preserve all the properties, store the material in the original un-opened containers in cool and dry place. Shelf life is 24 months

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