Lion Sparkle L-Poxy Epoxy


  • Lion Sparkle L-poxy Epoxy in unique system of three components, water wipable, high bonding and high strength, tough, 100% epoxyjointfiller. It is Dirtfree, stain free, Water proof, Fungal & Bacteria proof, Acid & Chemical resistant ultimate durable epoxy Joint filler. Elegant & Glorious range. Smoothest surface, attractive colour shades, easy availability and application support Resist heavy load and saves edges of the tile, highly compatible with total range of floor and wall floorings.


  • Mix hardenerwith resin in proportion of1:2.Add filler(powder) in appropriate quantity (Approx. 600 to Application 700 gm) Mix the component till it becomes a workable paste form Apply the paste between tile joints Clean the joints with the help of scrubber (scrub bar) Further clean the side of joints with sponge Finally clean thejoints with wet cloth at lost apply wet fingeron jointforglossy finish.)


  • Very to apply & clean.
  • Smoothest surface which do not allows to any dust or fungus.
  • Ultra high bonding and durability.
  • 100% Dirtfree tilejoints.
  • Fungus & Bacterial proofWaterproof.
  • Highly Chemical &Acid resistant Improved colorstability.
  • Uniform in shade.


  • OxalicAcid : up to 10% AceticAcid : up to 5%
  • PhosphoricAcid : up to 50% SulphuricAcid : up to 2%
  • LacticAcid : up to 5% Sodium Hydroxide : up to 50%

Application For

  • Kitchen, Swimming Pool, Floors & Walls, Food Industries, Pharmaceutical Units, Beverages, BathroomsNVater Bodies, Hospitals/ Laboratories, Restaurants,Automobile Hub.


  • Water absorption : 0.3%
  • Initial Setting time : 4hrs
  • Specifications Comp strength : 65 N / mm2
  • Linearshrinkage : > 011% Tensile Strength : 13 N / mm2
  • Final Setting : 72 Hours Bond Strength : 8.8 N I mm2
  • Pot Life : 40 to 45 minute


  • 1 kg and 5 kg Bucket

Self Life

  • Factory sealed bag of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for One (1 ) year* if stored off the ground in a dryarea.

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