Lion Tile Binder LT-22


  • Lion Binder is economical on-site mix additive to be mixed with cement, for fixing tiles & Cement Plaster. Lion Binder exhibits very high water retention and thus reduces the absorption of water in to porous substrates. It provides workability, sufficient sag resistance as well as appropriate setting time. The adjustability is good even at low dosages and high ambient temperatures It makes cementAll most cured.


  • Improves adhesion. Good adjustability time with high water retention even at elevated temperature. High open time & anti sag properties. Excellent waterproofing properties. Suitable for Ceramic, Vitrified tiles, Granite, Heavy Stone etc. Suitable for Cement plaster. It can be used with both grey and white cement.


  • The surface should be clean, and free from dirt, oil or grease before application of conventional cement


  • Machan or leveling bed. Ideally leveling bed I Machan should be prepared using Cement: Sand: Water in the ratio of1 :6: 1. Easy to work forvarious application.

Technical Information

  • Colour : White Appearance : Free flowing Powder Mixing ratio. : 1 :3 or 1 :3 .5 Bulk Density : 075 g l ml ShearAdhesion Strength (KN) (A) Dry Condition At 24 hrs under normal lab Condition. Minimum 2.5 kn At 14 days under normal lab Condition. Minimum 8.0 kn (B) HeatAgeing Condition at 14 days Minimum 4.0 kn (C) Wet condition at 14 days Minimum 4. 0 kn

Mixing Ratio

  • 50 kg cement 300 gm Lion binder


  • 300 gm

Self Life

  • Factory sealed bag of this product are guaranteed to be offirst quality for One (1 ) year* if stored off the ground in a dryarea.

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