• Highly polymer modified pre packed special tile adhesive for Internal & External wall cladding Adhesive. Purple Adhesive is a non shrink, high bonding, SHELF curing and high flexible adhesive having excellent waterproofing properties. It is specially made for Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified Tiles flooring. It is both for exterior and interior applications.


  • Ready to use high bonding and durable. Ideal for fixing tiles on tiles and tiles on wall. Suitable for indoor and out door. Excellent waterproofing characteristics. No need for hacking or mechanical keyon surface. Ideal adhesive forwall, floor, showers area, dryand wetareas, swimming pool etc.


  • Base : Polymer Modified cementitious
  • Colour : Gray
  • Maxing Ratio : 1:3 or 1 :3.5
  • Bed Thickness : 3 to 4 mm
  • Coverage : 35 to 40 Sq. Feet/ 20 kg
  • Application : Use notched trowel
  • Best Suitable With : LionAdmixture Power
  • Setting Time : 10to 14 Hours
  • Temp : 250 to 1000 c
  • Safety : Protect from damp
  • Type : C2 TE ISO 9001-2015
  • Strength : Tensile Strength ( N l mmz) Compressive Strength (MPA)
  • 28 Days 5.1 KN 33.7 MPA


  • 20kg BOPP Export quality bag.

Shelf Life

  • Factory sealed bag of this product are guaranteed to be of first quality for Nine (9) Months* if stored offthe ground in a dry area.

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